IBM Enterprise Social Solutions
Group Product Manager
2015 – present

I currently manage a team of product and offerings managers in IBM’s Enterprise Social Solutions division, including mail, chat, meetings, audio/video, cognitive computing, social technologies, and more.


IBM Connections
Senior Product Manager, Product Management Lead
2007 – 2015

I was the product management lead for IBM’s market- leading social networking technology, Connections. IBM Connections is an enterprise-class social software suite that includes many rich services such as person profiles, microblogging, community sites, projects, bookmarks, blogging and more. Since its inception as a research project, I have been responsible for its design, research, development and market adoption. I have always had a strong interest in collaboration technologies and business productivity tools and works with companies worldwide on social software adoption and technology integration.  In addition, I speak at numerous industry events and have several publications on social software for businesses.


IBM Workplace for Business Strategy Execution
Domain Engineer
2005 – 2007

Immediately after graduating with an MBA and concentrating on Human Factors in Information Design, I employed both facets of my studies on a software project aimed at helping companies align their business objectives and roll up metrics for performance visibility.

xyz_scoremain xyz_scoreheat

IBM Research Unified Activity Management
User Researcher
2004 – 2005

The Unified Activity Management (UAM) project is defining a new organizing framework for supporting collaborative work around the concept of human activity by creating a Unified Activity representation, architecture, and user experience.  For information on my contributions as a user researcher, please see the research papers section of the Publications page.

IBM Research Reinventing Email
Developer & User Researcher
2003 – 2004

“The Collaborative User Experience (CUE) team in IBM Research has spent nearly a decade studying email. Not only has email become one of the most pervasive and successful collaborative tools available, it has also become a key component of IBM’s Lotus Software offerings. In many ways, email can be seen as a victim of its own success – users increasingly suffer from overload and interruptions as well as use email in a manner for which it was not intended.”


Message Map – Developer

The message map uses icons to represent the messages in a user’s folder. Each box implies a message; the boxes are drawn in reverse chronological order. The currently-selected message is blue, and other messages in the same thread are highlighted with a lighter blue. If the user executes a search, messages that do not satisfy the search are drawn as lighter “ghosts.” The user can select attributes (same author, unread, sent, attachments) to be highlighted in orange or marked with a “dog ear” graphic. Toggling these settings allows the user to quickly see relationships among messages in the folder.


Annotations – Developer

There are instances where a user would like to categorize their messages. For example, a user may want a visual indication of messages that need an urgent response. We have added the ability to mark any message in the list with a color, allowing people to annotate their email according to their own preferences.


Sources – Developer

Remail supports multiple message sources of diverse protocols, allowing users to aggregate items of interest into a single in-box. These sources include email (Lotus Notes, POP3, IMAP) and group discussion spaces (Quickplace, NNTP). Remail can also poll RSS feeds, receiving information from news sites, blogs, wikis, CVS repositories, and any other system capable of publishing updates in this standard format.


By providing a single point of notification, we allow users to live in their in-box. They can collect large volumes of information from multiple sources and are given tools to help manage, organize, and search the information. We overcome information overload by allowing users to make sources either “in-sight” or “out-of-sight”. New sources can be defined on the fly, monitored, and turned on and off. For transient data sources, older documents can be automatically deleted. Searching and collecting in the Remail client allows people to probe for information across all the sources to which they have subscribed.

Within the in-box, icons can be used to distinguish messages from different sources. In addition, the notion of a persona allows us to fuse identities across sources



Aetna Group Insurance
Web Systems Developer
2000 – 2002

As a Business Systems Delivery Specialist, I built a web-enabled content management system for an entity driven XML-based web structure that allowed client websites to be produced rapidly and maintained efficiently. I designed and constructed dynamically rendered Java and XML calculators and enrollment forms for group client websites and designed the web system components for a repository of client driven information. I also built a web-enabled facility for the customer service and account manager business areas to directly build enrollment package components for shipment.

As a Web Developer, I constructed and maintained customer websites for group insurance clients to display customized information on the client’s plan. I redesigned the style and reorganized the content of the website’s structure to meet the changing needs of the marketing area and the end users in a collaborative environment. I transitioned websites into an XML-based system for efficient content management and faster productivity.

AetnaHome_250 LTCCalc_250  LTCCalcResults_250

Husky Midnight Marathon
Director of Solicitations, Web & Print Development
2000 – 2002

Students from the Greek community, cultural centers, and other campus organizations have joined to coordinate the Husky Midnight Marathon, with the help of an advisory board made up of faculty, staff, and administrators. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  The Childrens’ Miracle Network (CMN) was established in 1983 to generate funds and awareness programs for the benefit of children served by its associated hospitals. Today, CMN represents 163 hospitals in communities throughout the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. In its brief history, CMN has generated more than one billion dollars for children. The most important characteristic of CMN is 100 percent of the money raised stays in the community where it is raised. Funds raised by CMN benefit children who suffer from: Muscular Dystrophy, abuse, accidents, AIDS, burns, birth defects, cancer, heart disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia. I raised over $35,000 in donations while in office.


Delta Gamma
President 2000
Web Developer 1998 – 2001

I joined Delta Gamma Fraternity for Woman in 1998, and immediately was elected to the position of House Manager. In 1999, I created the first website for Delta Gamma at UConn, which was recognized by the national Delta Gamma organization and granted an award two consecutive years for best chapter website. During the summer of 1999, I oversaw a massive house reconstruction. In the fall of 1999, I spent a semester abroad and successfully ran for President of Delta Gamma. I returned to Connecticut for the Spring semester and began the position. As President, I managed eight Fraternity divisions, over 80 women, and a $200,000 budget. I introduced new fundraising events for Service for Sight, including AnchorSlam, a basketball competition, and served as a Panhellenic board member dealing with cross-Greek issues on campus. I was personally recognized as a campus leader in the 2000 Homecoming Event and was honored with the UConn Delta Gamma leadership award.

DGHome_250  DGChapter_250


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