United Airlines is the worst airline ever

For those who know about the trials I went through with United back in February, you will know why I hate United so much. For those that don't, let me put it this way: after 2 days of waiting on cancelled misdirected flights, United sent me from LAX to SFO to – get this – find my own bags, as they felt their baggage crew was too incompetent to find my bags on their own. Wow. So after doing that, and missing my flight to Sydney, what happens? No bag in SFO. Bag is in Kona. How nice for my bag. What do I do? Go to the nearest mall and spend over $1000 buying a new suitcase, suits, clothing, shoes, socks, a coat, sleepwear, and toiletries – for 3 weeks worth of travel. GRR.

Today, I get a letter from United telling my that they are sorry for my loss, but they can only compensate 25% of my loss. This is coming from the airline who caused me to lose 3 days of business meetings in Australia because they couldn't get my bags in time or get me on another of their daily flights to Sydney before the meetings were over. I can't get over how incapable United Airlines is of executing their services.