Changing your name after marriage

If you are planning to change your name after marriage, there are a number of good resources out there that can help you get through the process. I’ve posted a few of the places I used online and my checklist here.


Make sure you order extra certified copies of your marriage certificate. I so far have needed 4 copies. Photocopies are not acceptable to most name change processes.

Social Security: Request a new Social Security card or cards reflecting the name change. You may need this to get a new license. Here is the form and instructions. You will need to send in an original certified marriage certificate. Within 10 days of filing your name change form, the Social Security Administration will notify the Internal Revenue Service. This is important because if you file a tax return with your new name without the IRS being notified, your return will be rejected.

Passport name change can be expensive. An expedited passport name with overnight delivery (which they recommend) is about $150 and comes in about 2 – 3 weeks. Regular delivery service is $60 but can take up to 6 weeks.

Order replacements for checks, business cards, credit cards and other documents that contain your old name.

Change your name at your place of employment / school.

License / Car: You will likely need to go to the department of motor vehicles for a new driver’s license. You will also likely need a new social security card first.

Change your name on your car registration, car insurance and car title. This site was very helpful:


Mortgage companies
Frequent-flier program
Post office
Utility companies and anyone you get bills from.
Place of Employment
Credit Card Companies
Insurance Companies (Health, Home, Fire, Flood, Vehicle, Renters, Life, etc.)
Doctors (GP, OB/GYN, Dentist, etc.)
Utility Companies (Cable, Phone, Internet, Gas, Electric, etc.)
Cell Phone Company
School, if you are actively enrolled
Student Loans
Alumni Associations
Club Memberships (Costco, gym, grocery store cards, etc.)


2009 in review

While 2009 isn’t quite over yet, I have been thinking about the year in review and have determined that it is one of the best years of my life 🙂 Click the pics for more pics.

Lotusphere 2009

I started the year working on the Lotus collaborative technology conference, Lotusphere. I worked as part of a great team who built the demonstrations that we showed in the opening general session of Lotusphere 2009. It is an exciting event, and I was honored to help build them demos and present the Lotus portfolio on stage in front of 1000s of attendees!

Running of the Brides, Boston

My best friend and her mother and aunt joined me on a freezing cold February 20th to help me find a dress for my upcoming wedding. We had such a blast and were successful!

Big Dual Birthdays!

Mike and I both hit decade years this year and celebrated with our family and friends!

Mike Graduates – Perfectly!

Mike finished his degree from Boston University’s Metropolitan College Summa Cum Laude!

We got married!!

Yes, we did it! On the 4th of July we got hitched! It was a beautiful day, and we went on a cruise to Bermuda afterward. Click on the picture to see our album, which I custom designed!

An exciting year! What will 2010 bring for us?!