Do it yourself king headboard

Hubs and I just moved to a quaint new home in Charlestown, Massachusetts. We love the place and the location. However, homeowner annoyance #1 happened when we moved in and found that some of our furniture wasn’t fitting down the inside stairs to our bedroom. We did a little shopping for a king bed, but nothing struck our fancy that would actually fit down our stairs. Until we saw this DIY couple’s creative king headboard solution. We decided to give this a go, with some modifications. Of course, when did we decide to start this project? Early in the weekend, say Friday? No. Surely Saturday afternoon? Nope. Sunday afternoon? Try again. We left our home at 7pm on Sunday night and headed to the fabric store.

We decided to go with a chocolate brown faux leather, and we purchased queen sized quilt batting as the McKevitts suggested. In total, we spent $120 on 2.5 yards by 54″ of leatherette and we sprung for the extra thick batting. Five minutes before it closed, we scampered away and headed to Home Depot. We purchased an MDF board, which was 90″ x 48″ and had it cut to 82″ x 35″. We thought about going 40″ but realized we wouldn’t be able to fit that in the car. We’re happy with the 35″, as you’ll see later. Our total, including a 100 lb max french cleat, a staple gun, staples, 200 decorative furniture tacks (which we didn’t use), spray adhesive (which we didn’t use) and the board was $80.

Once we got everything home, we staple gunned one layer of the batting to the board and folded the other batting over it to form 3 layers. Then we stretched it around the sides to secure there with the gun. Next, we added the leatherette cover and stapled down tightly across the top and bottom. Next, I created corners I liked and stapled down the sides. Finally, Mike precisely measured where to place the cleat, screwed it in, and then we measured and attached it to the wall. Voila! We were done by 10:30, including a 20 minute call with Mike’s Mom, and Mike’s precision job with the end “table” hanging sconces we used (we don’t have enough room there for actual end tables).

Here is the result of our handiwork!

Our DIY Headboard