Clava Cairns and “Glamping”

We started our day picking fresh eggs from the chickens at our farmhouse that the kids promptly ate for breakfast. From there we headed to Clava Cairns, an ancient burial ground estimated to be 3000-4000 years old. The area was peaceful and beautifully lit with the morning sun. As we entered each tomb, we noticed the construction – choice of boulder size, height of the rock layers, and distribution in a close circle. The three tombs were separated by a few hundred feet, and each was surrounded by a circle of boulders. The light poured in and lit the boulders like a clock.
After our exploration we were ready for brunch and headed to Simpsons garden center. Unlike garden centers near our home, this was also a beautiful home goods store and restaurant that served an amazing assortment of house-made desserts and traditional Scottish breakfast foods. We were thoroughly impressed with this garden store!

Our drive back to Edinburgh took us through the gorgeous hillsides of Cairngorms National Park and a quick stop in “Killiecrankie”, a new favorite name. After returning our car, we checked into our Glampground, stored our bags, and headed back into the city for a few more moments enjoying the Fringe performers, the ferris wheel, and a super dinner at the Printing Press restaurant. 

Overnight was exciting as the heavy rains made us grateful to be in a (mostly) waterproof, raised tent-pod with raised beds. The campsite is next to the airport, making it an easy commute to our next stop – Bielefeld, Germany.


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