Edinburgh to Inverness

Wanting to spend the day outside the city, we rented a car and drove 3 hours north to Inverness. Renting a car in a tight and overcrowded city is one thing. Renting a car where “Opposite Day” is a state imposed on the driver is exciting. Add standard transmission and we’re on for a full blown adrenaline rush. Heroically, Mike got us to Inverness with 2 minutes to spare for our cruise of Loch Ness.

The kids were excited for the opportunity to chase Nessy, the Loch Ness monster. Loch Ness is vast and eerily beautiful. The windy cruise brought us to the Urquart Castle Ruins where we explored, played, and learned about castle life in the 1200s. Jacob’s favorite part was the beehive shaped dove dwelling while Olivia’s was the light up exhibition showing parts of Loch Ness. Mine was most certainly the varied work area, multipurpose for mending clothes, making ale, and fixing furniture. What home is complete without that?

After the cruise we headed in town for an awesome meal at Number 27. After we went to the cheesiest kilt museum complete with edu-taining film on kilt culture that was straight out of 1985 and slightly inappropriate for children. It was just right in the drizzly evening before retiring to yet another quaint Airbnb, this time a farm house in the Inverness countryside. 


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