Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Mega Lego Creations

With zero hassle or delays on our red-eye from Providence, we arrived in Edinburgh at 10am ready to start exploring. Our first stop was the Waverly station to drop our luggage, and the off we went to explore the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Fringe has taken over all of Edinburgh – art/dance/music, street performances, multiple venues per city block, over 3000 shows and over 1M tourists.
Jacob and Olivia picked Gobland for the Goblins, an improv-style performance where audience “players” choose the outcome in this choose-your-adventure style video-game inspired tale of building communities despite differences.

After that show, we went to Riddler’s Court to see the wonderful Warren and Kitty Elsmore’s exhibit “Brick City – The Backstage Tour!” Kitty spoke to the crowds about how they build larger Lego exhibits, what kinds of events commissioned them, how many legos they have (over 3M!) Their largest and most complex structure, the DFDS ship, have over 1.05M lego bricks! Jacob and Olivia enjoyed playing lego hunt, looking for a set of characters in the massive Ediburgh-inspired display in the venue. Kitty’s kitties were a big hit with Olivia. Afterward, we checked into our quaint AirBnb, unpacked, relaxed, and then headed to dinner at Smokestack with Warren and Kitty, a neighborhood favorite of theirs.

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