Over the past 15 years, I have held a variety of roles within software development, including development, design, user research, and product management. I currently manage a team of product and offerings managers in IBM’s Enterprise Social Solutions division, including mail, chat, meetings, audio/video, cognitive computing, social technologies, and more.
Livingston, Suzie-two_ppI joined IBM through IBM Research’s Collaborative User Experience group as a user researcher on the Unified Activity Management project and a developer and usability specialist on the Reinventing Email project.  I moved into product management to launch IBM Connections, a social software suite for businesses and organizations. As a product manager, I worked to define the overall social software strategy, developed and drove product requirements with engineering and design, worked with customers and partners to shape the product, and publicized the product through demonstrations and presentations at numerous industry events.

I have also served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School’s Product Management 101/102 courses. I worked with Professor Thomas Eisenmann and course founder Prem Ramaswami to update the design and deliver sessions in HBS’s product management course, which employs a field-based, learning-by-doing approach. During the fall semester, in PM101, student teams assess market need for a new software product, wireframe designs, and then specify product features. During the spring semester, in PM102, teams recruit and work with developers to build the product, and then manage its launch. As a Teaching Fellow, I coached teams, evaluated and provided feedback on deliverables and presentations, led class discussions, designed/delivered sessions, and performed design critiques.

I received a Masters degree in Engineering and Management from the MIT System Design and Management Program in June 2015. At MIT, I also founded the MIT Product Management Club, a group focused on preparing students to become leaders in product management. I also hold an MBA with a concentration in Human Factors in Information Design, and I have a strong interest in collaboration technologies and personal and business productivity tools.

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